About us

Americans Trail LLC is a Business Enterprise has more than 10 years in depth experience in End-to-End Recruitment and Software design and development. Americans Trail LLC Staffing expertise is connecting the right people with the right positions whether for a full-time career opportunity or a temporary assignment. We are committed to providing personalized and befitting solutions for all your IT needs. Whatever your needs, we have customized solutions that integrate perfectly into your business model, and provide the required technical and business assistance. Why wait, let’s increase your business productivity now.

Our Strengths:

  • Internal database of healthCare professionals
  • Dedicated team of healthCare recruiters
  • Eastern to Pacific time zone support
  • Staffing experience across industries
  • Wide range of clients from small niche healthcare firms to large hospitals and healthcare providers
  • 19+ years of proven track record. Solid financials and stable management

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